Norwegian for non-native speakers

For you who live in Norway and do not have Norwegian as your native language, you may be required to document how much Norwegian competency you have.
That can be because you are going to start an education program, get a job certificate or apply for a job.
AOF has Norwegian courses for levels A1, A2, B1 and B2. Here are what the different levels mean.


Who are our Norwegian courses suitable for?

A1: I can participate in a conversation in a simple way if the other person is willing to help me.

A2: I can participate in routine conversations where we exchange information on known topics and activities.

B1: I can participate in conversations without preparation on known subjects and manage when traveling to places where the language is used.

B2: I can use the language fluently in conversations with native speakers without great difficulties.

AOF Norge and AOF Vestlandet-Agder are certified by The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills to be providers of Norwegian language courses and Norwegian social studies courses. This means that the course hours you have taken with us can be used as documentation towards a permanent residency permit or Norwegian citizenship through The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

Who is eligible for our Norwegian courses?

Our Norwegians courses are for you who are new to Norway or for you who would like to increase your language competency to, for example, strengthen your position in the job market.

Do you want to prepare to take the Norwegian language test? Here you will find information on the Norwegian language test

Which Norwegian course is best for you?

Are you uncertain of which language level you have? Take the language level test here.

The test takes between 30 – 90 minutes to complete. The test has two parts: a written part and a listening part, so you need to have sound on your PC. You can take a break in you need to and come back to the test to complete it. If you have questions, you can contact us here.