Find your language level – take the test

If you are unsure of your language proficiency, you can take a level test. The test takes between halv an hour to one and a halv hours to complete. You have access to the test for 48 hours once you have started. You can pause and resume the test if you need a break.

You can take the test in different languages; Danish, English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, German. The test consists of a written part and a listening part.

You will be tested on:

You start each part of the test by filling out a self-assesment form, where you assess your own perceived level before taking the actual test. Note: Before the parts Speaking skills and Conversation Skills, the self-assessment form is the only action required. The test level is automatically adjusted based on the answers you provide.

As soon as the test is completed, the results are automatically sent to your email address and to AOF Norway (your email will not be used for any other purposes).