Working Environment Basic Course

Safety representatives are an important resource within a company’s working environment.

To be able to contribute to development of good, safe workplaces, safety representatives need good training.

For several years AOF has offered HSE training to safety representatives, AMU representatives, and managers, through the the Working Environment Education  Basic Course, or the "forty-hour course". Today, AOF is one of the countr’'s largest, best and oldest providers of working environment training.

Happy mature professor giving a lecture in front of her students at lecture hall.




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Happy mature professor giving a lecture in front of her students at lecture hall.

The course is aimed at:

  • Health and safety representatives and employee representatives on the Working Environment Commitee

  • Shop stewards, managers, personal managers, employers, and others who want develop a better understandig of working environment policies

  • Safety representatives and employee representatives in the Working Environment Committee have the right to take the necessary training at courses organized by the employees' organizations.

The course does not require prior knowledge.

The course provides a basic introduction to the regulations, distribution of responsibilities and actors in Health and Safety work, their rights and obligations, the various working environment factors, and working methods.

The course takes a closer look at how good health and safety work affects the working environment and its safety, efficiency, and profitability.

  •  the objectives and values of the Working Environment Act and the roles and responsibilities of employers and employees in working environment work

  • a fully responsible working environment

  • roles, tasks and responsibilities within working environment work

  • risk mapping and deviation management

  • factors within the working environment

  • the importance of management

  • the management and prevention of conflicts

  • the management and prevention of bullying and harassment

  • inclusive working life

  • systematic improvement work

  • privacy, control, and monitoring

  • whistleblowing

  • the economy of health and safety

  • value-driven dialogue

Learning objectives

Main goal
The aim of the course is to give the company's management and employees a basis for solving working environment problems within the company themselves.

The training provide the participants with the knowledge to be able to perform their functions in HSE work, and provide a better understanding about the duties and rights the participants have within AMU and as a safety representative.

Sub-goals / learning objectives
After completing the course, participants will be a valuable resource and an active contributor in their role within HSE work, and will help develop a good, and safe. working environment.

After completing the training, the participants will:

  • have gained knowledge of what a fully responsible working environment entails and how to go about developing one within their own business

  • have gained knowledge of the aims and values of the working environment legislation, the importance of systematic work according to the HSE regulations/internal control regulations, and the involvement of employees in this work

  • know what the employee's and employer's roles and responsibilities are in developing a good working environment

  • have knowledge of the role and tasks of the working environment committee, the safety representative, the occupational health service, and the function of the shop stewards in developing a good working environment

  • be able to participate in their own company’s work with risk mapping, including deviation management

  • know the important factors in the working environment that are most relevant for the employees’ health within their business (physical, chemical/biological, psychosocial/organisational, mechanical)

  • have knowledge of the importance of good management in the working environment

  • have knowledge of different types of conflicts, their prevention, simple conflict management tools, and to know where to get help

  • have knowledge of the goals and principles in working within an inclusive working life

  • have knowledge of bullying and harassment as a phenomenon and methods for preventing them, including the relevant procedures and tools

  • have knowledge of important provisions and regulations, including provisions on personal protection, control, and monitoring, and the significance they have for the working environment

  • have knowledge of the principles and rules regarding notification

  • have knowledge of HSE economics and value-oriented dialogue

  • the participants will have the opportunity to practice methods for use in improvement work

The learning objectives are in accordance with the requirements as set out in the Working Environment Act, in the regulations on organisation, management and participation, the LO/NHO main agreement’s supplementary agreement 3, as well as in additional criteria set by the joint LO/NHO measures.

Online course. The course ends with a test.

No exam or final test is arranged. 

The employer is invoiced for the course fee.

If you are a member of a trade union, you can apply for a grant.

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