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First Aid - Basic Course - Online

Kurs-id: 341508
Sted: Nettkurs
Timetall: 5
Kursstart Info: Any time - Any where !
Pris: kr 815,- incl. VAT.
Kontaktperson: Frode Ingebrigtsen
E-post: nettkurs@aof.no
Telefon: 91137638
Mobil: 91137638
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A First Aid Course is something everybody should take at frequent intervals, irrespectively of where you work, travel or live.

A First Aid Course can be the difference between life and death when an accident strikes, whether it is an collegue, a customer, a neighbour, a familymember or anyone we meet in our daily life.

For all companies and organisations it provides an extra safety to have inhouse First Aid knowledge and provides a safer work environment for staff, customers, clients and visitors.

Invest a few hours in an online First Aid course with AOF in English language as this might be the difference between life and death.  AOF offers an online First Aid Basic Course for "the average Joe and Jane", a short course with focus on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), proper conduct at the scene of an accident, briefly about other injuries and acute illnesses.

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