Norwegian A1 step 1

This is the first step in the beginners Level for adults with little or no prior knowledge of Norwegian, who want to learn the written and spoken language.

This course will give participants a systematic and step by step introduction to Norwegian vocabulary and structure of the Language, it will also give you insigth into the Norwegian society.





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2 890,–

Course will be held


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AOFs Kompetansesenter, Fredrikstad

Stortorvet 5/7


Beginners level is suitable for those seeking a thorough yet practical introduction to the Norwegian language and who have little or no prior experience. 

There are no prerequisities required.

The Norwegian course for beginners seek to give you a thorough and practical introduction to the language. We will speak Norwegian to each other actively the way you would do it in practical situations from everyday life.


Increased ability to:

  • describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and plans

  • understand the main meaning in daily spoken as well as written Norwegian language about familiar topics at work, school or social life

  • write simple, coherent texts on topics relating to everyday life

  • discuss familiar topics and argue your opinions

  • express yourself in unfamiliar, or even difficult, situations

The course is in a classroom with a teacher present, and consists of group work, listening exercises, role play, oral exercises and conversations, presentations and homework.The course will prepare you for the Norwegian level A1/A2 test.

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