Grunnleggende norskopplæring – Fellesforbundet

Basic Norwegian education

FREE for you who are a member of Fellesforbundet and meet the criteria for scholarship in  LO`s Utdanningsfond





Kurs eller konferanse


4 000,–

Course will be held


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Beginners level is suitable for those seeking a thorough yet practical introduction to the Norwegian language and who have little or no prior experience. 

There are no prerequisities required.

The Norwegian course for beginners seek to give you a thorough and practical introduction to the language. We will speak Norwegian to each other actively the way you would do it in practical situations from everyday life.

Increased ability to:

  • describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes and plans

  • understand the main meaning in daily spoken as well as written Norwegian language about familiar topics at work, school or social life

  • write simple, coherent texts on topics relating to everyday life

  • discuss familiar topics and argue your opinions

  • express yourself in unfamiliar, or even difficult, situations

Online teaching which is carried out in its entirety without a teacher present, via a digital platform.

Ingen avsluttende eksamen, du får kursbevis.

Kurset vil bli finansiert i sin helhet med stipend fra ditt forbund. Du må ha vært sammenhengende medlem i minimum 3 år for å kvalifisere til å motta stipend. AOF Østfold søker stipend for deg.

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