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Bransjeprogram Working Environment Basic Course for food and drink industry --20 hours - online course

Kurs-id: 356560
Sted: Nettkurs
Timetall: 20
Kursstart Info: 27.07.2020 - 01.05.2021
Pris: kr free
Kontaktperson: Wendy Ann Wyant
E-post: wendy.wyant@aof.no
Telefon: 24076070
Mobil: 93492363
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This is the online version of the Basic Working Environment course developed in collaboration with representatives from labour unions and private industry. The course consists of two modules, a basic module and a themed module with an exam.

The learning goals and content of the course has been developed with regards to the regulation of the Working Environment Law and guidelines from unions, leadership and consequences, and the main agreement with LO/NHO additional agreement 3 and the criteria from Fellestiltakene LO/NHO.

The course is a standalone course.

Course organisation:

The teaching occurs on the learning platform Datapower Learning. The only requirement is the students have an internet connection and PC/tablet.

These subjects are covered:

•            The Act relating to Working Environment; regulations and guidelines

•            The impact of environmental factors on employees' physical and mental welfare

•            Duties of elected and appointed safety representatives

•            Occupational health services

•            Duties and obligations of employees to prevent accidents at work, in theory and practice

•            Health - Environment -Safety

•            Monitoring the working environment

•            Interpersonal relations



The course has different assignments along with a quiz at the end of each module.  After the student has passed the final exam, a course certificate will be sent out.

Length (total hours):

The average time is an average of 20 hours depending on the student’s prior experience.


The course can be taken whenever and wherever.

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